Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fixing A Golf Slice

Fixing A Golf Slice

Hitting a slice off the tee is both embarrassing and humiliating! When you're a slicer of the golf ball, you dread when it's your turn to get on the tee and hit your drive. It's time to get to fixing a golf slice and get it out of your game right now!

There are several reasons why you hit this ugly shot, and learning how to improve a golf slice will be painless and easy. You'll never need to take another golf lesson again to fix this miserable swing fault.

The Golf Grip

Most slicers have a weak golf grip, which encourages your clubface to get to impact WIDE OPEN, and here we go...slice away! A simple correction of strengthening your grip, will make it nearly impossible to get to impact open with your clubface. In fact, you might be hitting a HOOK in a matter of just a couple of swings. Now wouldn't that be pretty cool, if you've been spending all your time off the right side of every fairway?

Golf Swing Takeaway

A slicer of the golf ball usually takes the club away from the body, separating from their core, which is a disconnected golf swing that encourages an "over-the-top" downswing. Try taking the club more straight back, or you might need to feel like you're taking it back to the inside right away.

The Golf Impact

The Impact is the moment of truth! A slice is caused by either an open clubface at impact, or a clubface that is coming across the ball creating sidespin. Try coming into the ball from the inside and with a slightly shut clubface and you'll quickly learn how to improve a golf slice in a matter of minutes.

Over The Top Downswing

The one of the most common causes of a golf slice is the "over-the-top" downswing. This is when your shoulders start your downswing first, and they get out and ahead of the lower body, making it impossible to swing down from the inside, which is needed to fix a slice in golf.